Starting with my favourite mantra, let’s see where it takes us today…

Stop, breathe, believe

What’s in your mind to achieve

Mostly just needs belief.

When the chaos surrounds

and the worlds’s upside down

Just imagine the place

Of pure centered space.

Focused, the mind sees

Past untruths and falsities.

In tune with that grace,

I find on her face.

Causality becomes casualty

Infinite loops spinning by.

When time’s not a line,

Our memories entwine

Sensing light from afar

As we glide way past Mars.


Haiku Tuesday guest edition

I’ll open this one up, then follow with a pair each from my friends; Gypsy, Butterfly and Blitzo. 

greatness awaits those who

stopping with open eyes

wade into the unknown

below night’s blanket

she dances under the moon

in sunny starlight

whatever you do

make sure it makes you happy

following the dream 

training in the art     

of opening up, i sit

before white flowers

i love people who

love music as much as i

do, in love with you

great things await you

if you would only see them

go out now brother

days fade into dreams

new worlds yet to be charted

compass please guide me



Through the night do they shine,

Scattered among a sea of black.

Singing songs beyond time,

Pouring light into every crack

Beyond words set to rhyme

Seeing so far while looking back

Twinkling homes of the divine,

Set in motion on ancient tracks,

Sparks that light the seeking mind.

Eternal fire burning sans slack.

Moon Ode

I find the best inspiration comes from writing about those I care deeply for and this is certainly in that vein. Luckily, it also happens to coincide with the supermoon. And so I present an ode to the moon, in honour of one who makes me swoon, as we make out way across the galaxy.

You are the moon

Bright, shining and pure,

Continually changing in motion so sure.

Wandering beauty, wondering truly,

A reflection of love inspired by the sun.

Finding truth in your face,

Sends one into space.

Whirling so free as leaves in a breeze.

To purpose be bound,.

With feet on the ground,

Will your solace be found,

As the journey goes on.


Escaping duality not what it seems

Erasing the part that cries out & screams

Seeking the truth, inside of the mind

Denying the faults that once had been mine

A cowering ego, lost in the fight

For radiant beauty, the being of light.

Beyond the boundary of transient verbs,

Into the unknown, a world without words.

pastel/charcoal on clayboard

Haiku Tues pt.2

butterfly dancing

swaying gently in a breeze

whispers in his ear.

deep inside those eyes

emotion stands out clearly

seen for the first time

confused about life

unsure of where to go next

seek stillness within

wrapped in this moment

moving through 4 dimensions

hearts beating as one

sunlight streaming bright

through thinly shaded windows

day begins anew

approaching the core

rapture only dreamed of, in

that joyous embrace