Guilt not given

Jury duty has to be one of the most mind numbingly boring things out there. After over-hyping the whole process in an awfully produced video, which did no justice to the, ah, judicial process in which we are supposed to participate. I sat up there, in the sky, imagining myself in an airplane due to the turbulent whooshing of the air vents. Certainly not wanting to be there, nor wishing to be called into a courtroom for an actual trial. To assuage the near state of catatonia I began doing diligent doodles in a daze.. & having some wonderful fun alliterating..

Tater Tots & Tea

Perfectly portioned

Plump potato pieces,

Properly plated,

Playfully picked,

Pleasingly popped

In my mouth.

In a cavernous chamber,

Choosing cheerfully candid conversation

Conveyed crosswise,

Casually chugging cappuccino,

Curiously caffeinated chai,

Carefully cupped coffee

Chuckling, conveying conscious change.

Charging countless cations.



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