Screaming in dreams.

For all the progress we’ve made

There’s still so much left unsaid.

Streets filled with people,

With no hope, just feeble

Attempts to be grand, fighting the man.

Where is the plan? Why isn’t life grand?

Except for the few, for so little they do.

As time marches on, stories of the new dawn.

Stop repeating failures, I’ve seen enough.

Where are the real cures, from heaven above?

I won’t be stopped now, I won’t be the cow,

Rolling idle in fields, ignorant of new deals.

Awaken your powers, blossom like flowers,

The world’s ripe for change and who can you blame?

Money’s no good, unless you’re Robin Hood.

Damn the walls that it builds, the ceiling so gilt,

With promises of forever. Lest you forget,

Never betray what the people say,

Can we get much higher, aye,

Lest you make me a liar.


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