A Sonnet and Then Some

Footfalls up the stairs,

To where she pray in bower,

  Sitting there for hours.

A room filled with cares.

Pausing now she stares,

  Upon the field of flowers.

Feeling moods so dour

  So desperate, she despairs,

“That I could be so free,

  As those blessed plants”

Thus caught up in a trance,

  She hears not the key

As love makes his entrance

My dear, I’ve come for thee.

Puzzle pieces on the page

Lines scattered randomly.

Through the poet’s eye,

Knowing only where it starts, 

Composing the journey

   To truth or beauty 

Shining bright her eyes catch mine

Pounding fast, the feet in time.

Hidden just behind that glance,

The swelling of a new romance.

Building fast, emotion high

As the night goes swiftly by.

Talking now with hips in sway,

Better so to keep words at bay.

Flailing arms reach to the light,

Seeking now to hold her tight

As the music starts to fade,














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