Haiku Tuesday Anger Edition

So our contributor Amesterdamster is having a bad day. Therefore we are channeling the darkness inside, mindful that it is this aspect of us all which drives us to seek the light ever more strongly. We open with her words today:

too many questions

I hate your stupid face

leave my head alone

popping a neck vein

enraged by silly actions

made by foolish folk

wasting precious time

waiting for answers where there

are none to be found

denying the past

seems the wiser choice when we

embrace the future

words said in anger

do not always burn bridges

rather, they mend hearts

fire of my soul

burns all the brighter today

fueled by your loving

days spent in dark rooms

regretful of past action

deny the future


What Is

What does it mean to be the wind?

What’s hidden from all within skin?

As shadows blow, my mind enfolds, 

Seeking what’s real from pure feel


What is a thought that’s unseen?

Does it exist outside dreams?

Unless brought to reality, 

It’s just mental fatality.


What is a man but a ghost?

Brought to life, by names in a toast

As he passes though life,

Seeking love after strife.


What is a life without fear?

When love is the thing shining clear.

Savoring every pleasure,

Enjoying life’s treasure.

A World Past 3D

What I see in my dreams

Not quite all as it seems

What I feel could be real 

Not just idle appeal.

If it happened this second

Clock standing still, you’re my thrill.

In quiet hours I see, a world past 3d. 

When loudness abounds, I look for your sounds.

Seen through the glass, seeing things pass, 

In fields filled with grass, together we last

Forgetting the past. 

Hidden within, it makes my mind spin

Places I’ve been while you’re next to him,

I see to our fame, when resistance is slain. 

The spaces we’ve claimed, but not yet attained,

Then honey we’re made, past beetles & blades

Our life in the glade,

Where hours are ours, laying in grass, 

Watching the flowers & seasons pass. 

Haiku Tuesday [after the rain]

can’t see, water beads

condensing clouds, blurry seeds

be gone fog, for dawn

beneath all the cold

there’s fire burning brighter

forged of our hearts

silent dream unfolds

revealing my untold woes

life worth living, bold

falling rain cascades

coalescing into words

shared among new friends

blissfully carried

along the oceans currents

jellyfish dancing 

rippling around

boats in their moorings, these waves

march on forever


Sonnet 717

The hours spent on rhyme

Setting words in place

Daydreaming of that face

Would seem to most a crime

An unuseful waste of time

But within her sacred space

In presence of such grace

I nearly lose my mind

Thinking of how lips would taste

Imagining the loving stare

Whispers expressing words so kind

Gently wrapped around her waist

Caught up in a world of care

Something lost I seek to find

We open today with a pair from my friend Amesterdamester

rise, fall, carry on

sinking, rising, setting, born

op’n up, reach out, fly

gazing steadily

upon golden dawn, toward

what you will awaken

here among our friends

basking in morning rays, free

we make no amends

warmth emanating

from words on the page, wishing

they were much closer

caught in the moment

embracing each other in

early morning warmth

Haiku Tuesday


A few short lines, each a part of a much larger picture, that bring to mind the joys of living in love with ourselves, each other and our surroundings


These moments

Fleeting in their passage

Live on inside our mind.

The days have gone

Into the past


Leaving but a trace

Of time and space,

The image of her face

The smile we shared

As dreams spilled into the breeze.

Mindless of the sun bearing down

Oppressive heat upon our backs,

We gallop across the ground

Seeing only the light of each others eyes

In stolen glances and hidden romances.

The mirrors of our souls. 

Into water deep and cold we leap

To feel the air below our feet.

As the clock stops turning

Only desire now burning

Face to face in that embrace.