A World Past 3D

What I see in my dreams

Not quite all as it seems

What I feel could be real 

Not just idle appeal.

If it happened this second

Clock standing still, you’re my thrill.

In quiet hours I see, a world past 3d. 

When loudness abounds, I look for your sounds.

Seen through the glass, seeing things pass, 

In fields filled with grass, together we last

Forgetting the past. 

Hidden within, it makes my mind spin

Places I’ve been while you’re next to him,

I see to our fame, when resistance is slain. 

The spaces we’ve claimed, but not yet attained,

Then honey we’re made, past beetles & blades

Our life in the glade,

Where hours are ours, laying in grass, 

Watching the flowers & seasons pass. 


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