On a night such as this with the vibes flowing free,

When I’m sittin with my peeps & we on that liberty.

Serving up the peace while we rollin down the street,

Secretly excreting while preceding through the things…

TING TING alarms set while we become alert.

Splish splash the words we write, the things we like to blurt.

I am aware. I promise this. Integrity is key.

I speak the truth my lesson learned, to be.

While I’m sittin on the twos & threes,

Eating my favorite jellys & jujubees

Om nom nom in my face like we silly,

All over this room with our David Hillbilly.

Sittin there proud with a smoke in hand

Makin quick jokes as I work on my command.

Smiling on repeat with feet in my hand,

Tickle tickle magical la la land


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