Our Place

Our place in the sun, never-ending fun,

Once the work has been done, its time to .

Things that we’ve won, games just begun.

The prize is a piece, smothered in grease,

That came from above, covered in love,

I’ll walk with you now, no lazy ass cow, 

Don’t ever dare frown, we’re happy as clowns.

Forever unwound, freed dogs from the pound.

As earth spins around, my feet hit the ground.

i’m moving at pace, covering space,

Never seen by the world, my banner unfurled.

We came seeking peace, we come for release. 

As time ticks on by, I dream of your thigh,

Covered in night, always in flight,

Not running away, I’m here to stay,

Not ever betrayed, or we’re lost in the maze. 

I know it seems crae, the stops in the way.

The road made for travel, lest we unravel.

I love you the most, that’s no idle boast. 


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