Lost & Found

An older set, found in a lost notebook in a found hiding place. Funny how we find the things we’ve misplaced just when we need them.

I feel as though

I’ve always loved you.

Although I hardly even know you.

Was it the sparkle in your smile,

Was it the twinkle in your eye,

That drew me to you?

I can habour no lies.

Will I ever see you,

Through these loving eyes

Of mine

Will you accept me,

In those twinkling eyes

Of yours

I love to hold you in my arms,

When you touch me it sets off alarms.

You wriggle at my touch

So pleasing that, so much

When I look into your eyes,

There is no fear or lies.

That quality of your heart

Attracted me from the start

So come take my hand,

We’ll go to a land

Where the only thing to do

Is sit, and talk to you


One thought on “Lost & Found

  1. johncoyote says:

    A beautiful poem. Good be found and know the possibility of the rebirth of happiness. Thank you for sharing the excellent poetry.

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