Pieces of my heart

Are scattered, through the dark.

If we get too far apart,

It’s hard to get a start

Different faces mean different things

Why else wear so many rings?

Some come play,

Others stray away.

Who’s dear? Who’s near….

So why are you so far away?


PBS Newshour Starring Burning Man

Burners.Me: Me, Burners and The Man

The mainstream mainlining of Burning Man continues. Now the party has made it to PBS Newshour as a feature story. That’s right Burners, the government who cancelled Fleet Week due to “sequestration” budget cuts, wants to make sure the nation knows all about Burning Man!


The footage is a mash-up of 2012 and 2013 burns.

I love how pained the anchor seems announcing this…and how her outfit perfectly matches the upholstery on my 2000 Fleetwood Storm RV! I’m sure this story will only result in more hipsters coming to BM, and not encourage the Grey Nomads to put the world’s biggest RV Park on their bucket lists.

Whoever shot this footage knows what they’re doing, it’s beautiful.

BRAF director Tomas McCabe is being interviewed in front of Kate Radenbush’s public art installation in San Francisco, next to the shipping container beer garden at Hayes and Octavia.

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Another Ladder

Another collaborative effort from the square roundtable of the Fantastic 4:

…And so they waited

For life to be illustrated.

Tell me what is so amazing

In that place we see.

Dreams together so sweetly

Way out past the clouds.

Flowing together our bodies,

Like milky butter cream

Dancing on prismatic feathers

Into the sky, oh my.

So happy we could die, 

As fears just glide on by.


    and another short interlude inspired by the magic that is an ipod on shuffle:

Music is my medication,

Melody my bowl,

Harmonically unfolding 

Into brave new worlds. 

Dancing with desire, 

Dreaming souls conspire,

To live life in its fullest

To be true to those closest.

Escaping from the fears

Removing painful tears.

The past is always present,

Even if we resent it. 

So go on all you lovers,

Lay safe beneath your covers.

Spend your days in peace,

Live free and be released. 


Sonnet 905

It seems the solitude of our lives,

Forces us sometimes beyond our stride.

Puffing up like peacocks with their pride,

Running through endless hoops of true lies.

No surprise when eyes fill with tears cried,

We succumb to sleep our brains near fried.

A tattered world is near demise.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t gold,

Waiting patiently to be mined.

The time has come to break the mold,

Lose shallow thought, make action kind.

In the stars, leave the world behind,

There’s always home, so go be bold.

Haiku Tuesday [to the Future]

hammer falls in walls

rubble piles beneath feet as

we clear a new path

a life ends sadly

transforming vibrations of

love into lightness

winning is easy

skillfully or craftily

fairness is good play

dancing upon air

blasted skyward by this fire

ashes gently rain

heaving in the heat

swaying to alien beats

bending through the air

reflecting her eyes

into the depths of my soul

as time slips away

presence of good will

nurturing goodness within

presents of friendship