Haiku Tuesday [California Dreaming Edition]

Please pardon the hiatus, I’ve been vacationing & exploring the great state of California and haven’t had computer access. The time here has been quite inspirational and this shall be the first of many works inspired by this trip. So without further ado, here we go…


leaky faucets drip

ebbing away secrets, meant

to be held by love

floating through midair

hawk gazing from lofty heights

dispensing wisdom

adventures beyond

accustomed comfort

to new horizons

fading into night’s

embrace of silent beauty

laying by my side

a new day begins

expanding our horizons

into bright future

advantage awaits

those minds which surrender to

the power of love

reality blurred

not by blindness but rather

clear inner vision

situations change

even when action does not

steadfastness prevails


opening new frontiers through


footfalls echoing

across a glassy canvas

shifting sands of time

bountiful treasures

hidden within webs laying

quiet, undisturbed

gaily rising sun

dispelling chilly night air

as I gently sway



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