An Experiment

Going to try out a new concept here that I’ve been wanting to pursue. Basically just taking beats that move me &  putting up some verse to go along with it. Ill throw in the time signatures so you can get an idea of the cadence. This first one goes at a bit of a machine gun pace, which well matches my mood this evening. Cheers


why can’t it be seen,

in pure liquid stream?

I’m just blowin steam

in the rhyming scheme.

too much time for pain

not enough for change.

living life so fast you,

know this ish won’t last.

it’s time to break on free

it’s time to live that dream

i know that there is  more,  ’cause I’ve seen it be

we gotta live in love

we’ll  fly in skies above

beyond the face of things

damn it  all just makes me scream

all the waste, all the hate

gotta change, let’s elevate,

the mind, free yourself from time

before your ass end up in pine

find your song & let it shine

never let them say its crime

got so high i lost my mind

better that than lost to cash

i know at least that i will last

the beast is cash

the beast is cash

i will outlast



never cared ’bout the rat race

always gone by my own pace

wouldn’t you just love a taste?

I’m beasting kings  just call me ace,

building scenes, a whole new place

it’s here inside, called outer space

once you’re there it feels so great

the magic clear , don’t hesitate

we all are god so lets create

before time runs out &  its too late.

the greedy pigs cant shake us down

we’ll drown em in the clouds of loud

then go in for the triple crown


love light & peace, freedom released

ain’t y’all sick of being sheep

trapped in pens, so dead asleep?

so come on now, uplift those brows,

open eyes, and stand up proud

the time is now so stand your ground

’cause when it happens, some gon drown

but some gon float, so be up on that boat

stack the bricks, do your part


show em your heart, live life art,

live life art

make your mark

through the dark

live life art


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