2014 Galactic Call To Arms

Deus Nexus


Reposted from: In5D.com |By Michelle Walling, CHLC

Calling all Lightworkers, Warriors, Lighthouses, and Grounders! The time is finally upon us to spring into action! This is the time we have all been waiting for. It is time to suit up to perform the greatest feat ever in our Universe. We have heard these words before and we have all shown up to hear them once again. This time our suit of armor is our power to stand together as one and to voice our manifestation intention to bring the New Earth into our reality.

Before now, Lightworkers have had varied roles in preparation for 2014. Some have been Warriors of the truth- exposing and fighting the government lies, false flag attacks, and depopulation agendas. Some have been great bearers of light, standing tall like Lighthouses, attracting those who chose to awaken in order to help them grow…

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