Thursday Throwdown II [You Were My Life]

I got you in my mind / I been thinking bout you all night… you’re my life


Seem like yesterday, way we came & went

All that time we spent, all that energy

With the inner peace, way we felt so free

Seeing in our souls, like the opened rose.


Sittin there, with that same ol’ stare

Girl I been prepared

…To enfold you, cuz I’ll show you,

way to our dreams, being bolder


Instead you lock me out & now we colderI know its scary b, to have the life we lead.

Once its up we fly, else together we die,

Seen the future, how could I delude ya?

Got the path alright, but its hard to survive

Without you by my side, I got nowhere to hide.

So I’m marchin on, can’t be here at dawn

One day I hope to see your face

Maybe up in outer space

Til then, til when?

All i know is keep keepin on, so long.

So long, so wrong,

We could be strong


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