Back and Forth

Two voices, one poem, blended smoothly where possible in tune with the tone

A mind which can’t be read,

A heart with no tears left to shed.

Guided by blind intuition,

Swept up in breaths of intention.

Apologies from far off horizons

Emotions wrapped up in silence.

Who’s to catch me when I fall?

Who’s to soothe all the pain,

Providing comfort after rain?

Soaked from the cold,

Huddled and alone,

Staring into the darkness of a lost kiss,

Dripping tears, heavy hearts wander.

Awaiting reciprocity in vain,

Ticking time til they meet again.

Underachieving, losing the true peace.

Wrapped up in false moments

While time pushes forward.

Seeking the wind to fill sail

Else to be lost in travail.


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