A Path

deepening coldness

of darkest night, in solace; 

hot tea, warm cookies

pain acutely felt

living among the burdens

of loose ends untied

bound by silver screen

imagination grounded

minus soul, escaping

direction clearly

invisible to shadow

seeking in learning


unfolding in ratios

beyond the divine

within each being

cries the voice of inner light

yearning for release

displaying one’s love

unafraid of consequence

path to happiness

Ukiyo-e Art, Japanese Art, Woodcut Old 11





Dreams Under Heaven

isolated love

decaying outside presence

of her gentle touch

words losing meaning

forgetting reality

awakened in dreams

in digital realms

awed by magnificent scenes

of inner vastness

united in mind

fully embracing oneness

ego loses sway

sensing betrayal

withholding blossoming love

two hearts are shattered

beyond the cold veil

of living inside, knowledge

passed closed lips

now freed of despair

flying under her wild glare

through mountains of snow

Sightseer’s Flow

A good thing about knowing a lot of producers/djs is having a lot of music to draw from for these sessions. This latest features a track off the new album Anywhere People from my good friend Edamame. Again the way this one works is start the track at the bottom then the numbers in the text indicate timescale.


My words create reality

Each thought is a submission

Entering into the world

Its hybrid nuclear fission.

Elemental, blending sounds

Awaiting their conclusion.

The past is gone and future’s clear

Each moment in position.

The here we found, with time unbound

Leads onward, if we listen

Truth of the matter, watch it scatter

Like snowflakes gently glisten

Seen the strife, that’s part of life

We’d all gladly omit it

It’s die or live with all the knocks

Reveling in the paradox.



Intergalactic what attracts it

The methods in the madness

Built up on love, the sky above

A ground all covered in sadness.

Pushing feet like pulling teeth

Resistant, stuck in blandness

Diving inside, just free your mind

Embrace the inner grandness.

Eternal youth, eternal truth

You know it’s in the plan this,

Who we want to be,

What we want to see

Measured desire, take you higher, don’t hope aimlessly,

Life like a rope, but dont let it choke

Air most precious gift god gave us

Controlling voice, what’s your choice

Take the tools, like the fool

Make magic out of nothing

Realise what’s inside

Bring the image from your mind

Let it rise like sun it shines

Out of sight its inner rhyme

Edamame keepin time

While i flow this. maybe bogus

But the solution’s only mine

Livin life up on the grind

seeking solace in metropolis

While the worlds asleep I go real deep

and then maybe call it conscious.


Maybe blindness,