Dream Flow

With a beat in my head, words bounce off the page. Maybe insane, but sometimes most sage.  A streaming piece of consciousness live and unfiltered.

Running out of time spent up on the line

While they’re sleeping in dreamland.
Mind awake my body shakes ,

Can’t escape the feeling it’s not real.
Reality dripping at the seams

or maybe it’s Jim Beam.

Anyone to stop the the voice that screams,

anything I drop between these sheets,

falls in emotion,  magic potion,

tell no lie, I already died.

Now I’m trapped in the commotion,

Outside life, hidden strife,

where the struggle is the ocean.

So deep & blue, like me & you,

but we’re drowning, now apart when

frowning hearts, after dark

in the shadows where we reign.

Now the memory is all pain.

Can’t just force it, I adored this.

Now I’m coming out the tunnel,

it’s got me running double,

But you swore this, what part did I miss?

When the love that made us strong

has us both wrong. Crying O lord,

it’s a vacuum of the truth.

Mixing models, tripping bottles

like a whore’s bliss.

Endless conquest.


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