Day 20: Touch

Under cover in the night

She comes to lay beside

Arms gently enfolding

The warmth within.

But do they ever connect

Or is it just illusion?

A spectre of the closeness

Sought by seeking hearts

Connected but separate.

Oh to overcome the distance

And merging together

Become one




Day 19: Sleep, A Sonnet

Keeper of most secret desire

Most elusive mistress of the night

Last solace and protector of light

Away from the evil eye of ire.

Comfort is found when dead tired

The place most hope to be free of fight

A realm where one ought feel their own might

Where safely burns the inner fire.

Oh to be there free, safe and dreaming,

Away from thoughts in my head screaming,

Keeping me up through cold winter chill

Always awake, save escape in pills,

Dulling the mind, so I choose to spend

Time laying asleep or so seeming


Day 18: Regret

I’ll never say I’m sorry

It would only be a lie

A hollow line for peace of mind

To stop your streaming tears.

In action I was flawed

Of hurt you took the brunt.

But to apologise

To make you smile

Would kill me deep inside.

I won’t suffer the blame

For a game we both played.

What we did was right

The shame, you left that night.

As I alone, was left in cold,

Both far away from home.



Blinded in Illusion

idols created

out of oppressing spirit

that all remain blind


over false idols serving

oppressors of mind

dead yet filled with life

gathering insects hover

above seas of death

powerful action

taken to remedy loss

encourages good

against evil conflict

peace overcomes only when

united in love

fueled by ambition

legendary runaways

lost depravity

choosing proper course

remains difficult among

evil influence

Day 17: Quiet

The quality of silence

A solace for the sage

Realm of unseen images

In space between the moments

When pages slowly turn.

A place where many yearn

To speak within themselves.

Lost in endless shuffle

Surrounded by the hustle. 


Actions free of fear

Lips on fingers find

With quiet peace of mind

Thoughts come through so clear,

In quiet times I see her

As feeling hearts draw nearer

Day 15: Ocean

Standing at the water’s edge

Wind whipping round my face

As the waves roll on eternal.

Upon the precipice of man’s domain

The fearsome beast roars out

A challenge to all comers

Seeking the unknown realms.

Hidden below the ghostly depths

An outer space within

Concealing the past of the planet

Struggling with new life therein.

Gazing through green blue eyes

Pleading for end of defilement

She speaks to the wandering soul

Cold offers of comfort

Yet rewards for the bold