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I’m not going to expose some hidden code. I’m not going to tear apart chunks of text and show you what’s behind the veil. That’s a misdirection.

You can find codes in War and Peace if you want to, or in labels that list all the ingredients in the weird junk kids buy at AM-PM stores on gas-station property.


Here it is.

The Kabbalah is about…

The Kabbalah.

That’s the secret. That’s the real impetus behind it. That’s the driving force. That’s the headwind and the tailwind and the engine and the fuel.

That’s what it was always about.

Of course, most contributors to it never realized that. They were caught in the net of the themes, the threads, the topics, the arguments, the logic, the exegesis.

Think about it. If you’re going to write thousands of pages of something, and many people are going to author it…

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