Day 7: Greatness

In the games we play called life

It rarely as easy as left or right,

Up or down as we dance around.

Seeking always the separation.

Fat floats as cream rises

So it comes as no surprise then,
Working the muscles making us swim,

We strive to be more, we aim for the win,

That extra something hidden within,

So hard to be seen, reaching obscene.

But when unearthed it shines, oh it gleams.

One extra percent, one time up after down,

The little bit more, that turns smiles to frowns.


5 thoughts on “Day 7: Greatness

  1. Rocco Brown says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. M says:

    I love the photo on your blog! Inspiring.
    Happy A-Z April!

  3. Maria Dunn says:

    There is often more loss than gain in seeking after greatness. Greatness comes from being great not chasing greatness I believe. Beautiful poetry. Lots to contemplate. Enjoy the challenge. Maria from “”

    • Tryl Wizard says:

      Agreed. think of it as similar to happiness. It’s one thing to feel the emotion, another entirely to live in the experience. Any -ness is only a degree to which we feel that the subject has been attained

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