Above the Clouds

not fearing coldness

for even if there is snow

the sun sometimes shines

questions fueling dark

colossal space nebulae

quickly approaching

bathed in unreal hues

bountiful hearts echo

embracing sunshine

souls reaping harvest

of ill living energy

sustaining their growth

removing all doubt

pure sensory awareness

gliding through motions

completing actions

embracing simplicity 

path to life’s freedom

designing the signs

meant for awakening eyes

transmitting new bliss


TItle Optional

Sitting sickly over dark horizons

Bathed in a malefic glow,

Hangs the moon in quarter face

Oblivious to the world below

She shines to spite a world, hollow

Filled with bitter thoughts,

On last remarks said in the dark

Does she realise all the pain

Drifting down on earthly plains?

While dancing with the stars

Being followed on by Mars

Does she feel the love shot out

Cannon fodder, the longing heart.

Of What We Lost

deeply staring eyes

infinitely expressing

what words fail to say

exposing the soul

to freely achieve that which

hides in ignorance

seeing my love now

how wise she was to leave then

our time not yet come

sensing her spirit

low, there arises a fire

cleansing away fear

laying under sun

emotion rising to clouds

drifting lazily

if seeing my view

would ever change your belief

now is a good time

now looking beyond

past our painful memories

future shines clearly

7 Things Self-Actualized People Do Differently

That which I aspire to with every verse I create.

Deus Nexus

Reposted from:   Waking Times   by Gary ‘Z’ McGee

Mind-Body-MasteryThe term “self-actualization” was made popular by Abram Maslow in his hierarchy of needs theory of human development. Essentially self-actualization is an existential term indicating the prominent feeling of being fully alive and aware of what it means to be a meaning-creating creature in an otherwise meaningless universe. It is the self-realization of one’s individuated maturity in balance with an interdependent spirit. Self-actualized people have a healthy perception of reality (mind, body, and soul) and practice healthy habits. Here are seven things self-actualized people tend to do differently than the rest of us.

1.) They speak a language older than words

“Crazy wisdom is the articulation in life of the realization that the phenomenal world (samsara) and the transcendental Reality (nirvana) share the same essence.” –Georg Feuerstein

Self-actualized people tend to be acutely aware of the interconnectedness of…

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