Bassnectar’s 4 Year NYE Legacy Breathes New Life Into All

I had to miss this year, but this is about the best I’ve ever heard someone sum up this experience.


On the edge of this place we all find comfort in calling home there stands a shimmering slice of space/time that beckons to be explored; yearns for its matrix to be disrupted and rearranged by the hands of this land’s artistic masterminds and all those called to express themselves in its presence. It has existed and will exist as long as life breathes earth, wind, fire, and water across this sacred planet but few get to receive such majesty in their often limited lifetimes. When opened up to such experience the color spectrum broadens, the noise thickens and the growth of each being is felt instead of viewed… You might be wondering how I intend to go about meandering my way threw each cosmic spasm of Bassnectar’s 360 degree NYE blowout..if you know me, you know I could weave you deep down the hole into the pit of my own…

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