Aubade Acrostic

Day One of the 2015 A to Z Challenge

An pair of sonnets, in Alfred Dorn & Arabic form:

morning —

Every time that light climbs up, to lie,

Drifting o’er the rosy horizon,

Peeping through the window of my room

A stir, feeling around there, to here, I sighed

at the pillow, not to arise then

Rather to dive deep into the bloom

lapsing lucidly between dreams, sweet,

where not alone, I am, in these sheets.

Taking flight throughout all space sans time

Mounted so oft upon elephant

Through universes far, near and wide

Created, merkabah, propellant

Gliding along ways seeking her side,

Opened eyes, materialise, in essence

                                                      abstract —

Above all causes of expression

Beyond the most distant dimension

Staring into dawn of ascension

Tearing down opposite dissension

Realising the forest from leaves

Amid high mountains twisting the breeze

Collapsing energetic waves freeze

Time, as it collapses and he sees

Illusions set forth from within deep

Octaves of perception, whence they creep

Not aware of stillness, lost to sleep,

Into reality seeking light

Spreading darkness, to their own delight

Trying to extinguish one so bright


3 thoughts on “Aubade Acrostic

  1. I don’t usually read poetry, but I liked these.
    Melanie (#957)

  2. patgarcia says:

    I like your poetry, Especially the lines with
    “Rather to dive deep into the bloom
    lapsing lucidly between dreams, sweet,
    where not alone, I am, in these sheets.”
    which remind me of a lover who is used to living alone and awakes with someone sharing the bed.
    Your abstract poem caused me to reflect too about what I see as I look out at people through my own eyes.
    I enjoyed stopping by.
    Visiting from A to Z Blog Challenge 2015
    Patriciaö at Everything Must Change

  3. Stephen Tremp says:

    Nice. I concur with Melanie’s comment.

    And thanks for participating in A to Z!

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