Long the travels made in the night

Long the farewells in early light

Long the silence in hours cost

Before these dreams were made to fight

Lines made deep, then shallow, then crossed

Progress taken for gain, some lost

Along the path, where tears were shed

In soothing fires, fueled on exhaust

Now passion reigns within the head

Desire quelled, the heart like lead

Begins to shift, indeed, unfold

Gaining nourishment on love fed

To blossom revealing pure gold

To become the stories untold

Clearing away darkness to shine

Embracing the way to be bold


Day 17: Quintillae

Beneath the warm glow of the sun

Floating in seas of green and dun

As leaves wave gently in the breeze

Time seems to grow slow, almost to freeze

In the moment, the mind sees as one

Chirping here and now chirping there

Flitting and flighting as I stare

What wondrous little creatures these

Who drift aloft upon the breeze

Easing worries, consumed by care

Quietly as breath beats along

Joining to heart, singing its song

Sensation arises in waves

Opeing minds eye to amaze

Pure visions of life to prolong