Among the Sounds, Haiku

pressing onward, love

reaches out, leading us up

higher vibration

high upon mountains

thoughts screaming into the breeze

echo upon air

sparkling in twilight

revealing inner beauty

eyes before me dance

waves cascade crisply

lifting our essence higher

together, as one

in simple presence

carried emotion pulses,

words fail to explain

under falling skies

hearts along a path converge

stirring embers within

in service to self

no virtue harder attained

practiced detachment


an effortless stroke defers

masterful action


Let It Be

let our love be as the water

receding to accretion

awakening & deep.

let our love be as the wind

open, wild and wide

as it bears us into forever.

let our love be as the earth

firm below the falls of feet

treading softly among dreams.

let our love be as the fire

breathing to live without end

as it illuminates our way.