Day 13: Mathnawi

A dream to remember upon waking

Images fading fast in their making

Now sudden chills that leave my soul shaking

Standing in open fields of rolling grass

Before the door, a house of clearest glass

Enclosing there all the ghosts of my past

Displaying terrors, unrested errors

All the bad news, of which I was bearer.

Skeletons chipping good deeds made rarer

By covered up lights made dim in despair

Not seeking to solve, solutions by layer.

Smothered up fights festering in this lair.

Faced by beasts in such terrible manner

I looked away but then scanned her.

The face that I love, across the manor

In the dark presence, once full hearts drooped down

Away did I run, to her side swooped ’round

My arms, to cover those eyes lest they drown.

To my surprise, she showed concern not fear

Calming me down, speaking close to my ear

Thus did she whisper, “Have no worry my dear,

Lingering demons do harm yes but now

is our time to care. let us not follow

the past, it only will make you hollow”

Words spoken gently she rested her head

Upon my shoulder and away went dread.

Next sensation, alone, shaking, in bed.


Day 12: Limericks

On days when I feel my mind slide

Caught in thought whirlpools & tide

Simple tips of the glass

Laid out flat on my ass

Waking up squinting one eye

To quip on the life of invention

A field of manifested intention

Continuous trial & error

Alternate play, joy & terror

Ultimate goal, to defy convention

Running here and there in the yard

Leaping and licking loose yarn

A pair lost in play

Together they’ll stay

Until we bury one in the yard

Day 11: Kyrielle Sonnet

Moving through space darkest ocean

Orbs ever cast into motion

Elegant descriptions of dawn,

Oscillations of time and spin,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind.

Summarising brief existence

Combining in spirit, twinned

Ripples of thought over distance,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind

Acts expressed in pure devotion

Absolving from souls, fear & sin

Loving kindness, true emotion

Triumphantly spoken in song,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind

Day 9: Ivorian Sonnet

Though it may seem an illusion in kind
Opulent decoration of mind
The feeling which frequent arises
Gathered in clouds among starless nights
When fast silence stills small contrivance.
Dispensing in petty collections
From pedestals crafted upon air
In words without meaning, connection.
Wounds opened with pleasure, to fester.
Summon demons to render surprises
Sacred teachings encoding design
Hewn stone inner form protected layer
Elegant escape into flights
Seeking peace on the path to completion

Day 7: German Sonnet

She to his hand did fly like a glove

as together they made out unknowing

the path. Moving on ever flowing

cast about the battlefield of love,

huddled beneath, a coldness growing

of some ill intentioned idleness

driven by lust to give final twist.

A venomous nature now showing

now duly marked. Unable to miss

in the glory of egoic gain,

she refuses defeat, he the pain.

That ignorance did blossom to this

These memories washed away in rain,

moving on now but no one’s the same.

Day 6: Full on Flow

Smooth operator when I get on that paper

Ain’t no time now or later

as glaciers make craters

the memories subside.

Riding ice flow, so seasons go like nobody know

super maven constant craving like raven evermore

Step through the door, fly over the floor

Sought a lot then I found out more.

Bask in silence not so mindless

Up on levels never tried, this

feeling to hide, I make my own light

Traveled in hindsight to make futures so bright.

I’m guided, divided, in parallel worlds,

Delighted, I’ll fight it, dancing as i twirl

Cross conscious, upon this, organic machine

Along this, vibration, in passionate scheme.