Alone in a Crowd


stewards of peace gather

high afternoon tea

selectively tossed,

thoughts reverberate louder


loves pure reflection

echoing weakly back across

memories in mind

where her darkness lay

neither light nor indeed life

dared to flourish

psyche projected

into words echoing clear

across tinted glass

memory surges

posting images within

mental silver screens

uncovered godhead

revealing only questions

magnitude deepens


Defeating Darkness, Cold Arises

lower vibration

energetically binding

our higher essence

silence speaks volumes

opening eyes to the bliss

of imagining

fear choking voices 

our true ways are forgotten

lost within its grasp

allowing blindness

difficulty arising

the struggle is real

personal eden

becoming tortuous realm,

failing to be shared

observing the fault

difficult first step, before

realising truth

boundless the vision

working in harmony that

pure life is attained

Night Terrors

The things I see behind closed eyes,

Actions in visions, drawn up when cold,

Scenes in dreams, making blood run cold.

Thrashing through sweat, soaking tense thighs,

Living this life, it comes no surprise.

Delighted by strife, others are shown,

Trying to fight, breaking free from mold.

So why then fear when demons arise?

Questioning values thought to be smart,

Powering light, by becoming dark,

Driven by love, to heal aching heart,

Infinitely opened from the start,

Stopping in waves, a collective mark,

Lifetimes enslaved, now time to engage.