Day 6: Full on Flow

Smooth operator when I get on that paper

Ain’t no time now or later

as glaciers make craters

the memories subside.

Riding ice flow, so seasons go like nobody know

super maven constant craving like raven evermore

Step through the door, fly over the floor

Sought a lot then I found out more.

Bask in silence not so mindless

Up on levels never tried, this

feeling to hide, I make my own light

Traveled in hindsight to make futures so bright.

I’m guided, divided, in parallel worlds,

Delighted, I’ll fight it, dancing as i twirl

Cross conscious, upon this, organic machine

Along this, vibration, in passionate scheme.


Day 5: Enclosing Triplets

Come friend so dear, on me lay your tears,

Allay your worries, let emotions go

Find stillness in mind, as fear disappears

In warmth that we share, the magical flow

 Rising together, our light we will shine

 As true companions, one lifts other low


Lost, in my momentary flow

Neon pours in waves through thick air

Lights revolve slickly in the glow

Motions open, whriling with flair

Cascading dimensions of sound

Suddenly i see her and stare

Spinning in shadows going round

Long tresses, gold shimmering hair

Sweet goddess I pray lay me down