Day 9: Ivorian Sonnet

Though it may seem an illusion in kind
Opulent decoration of mind
The feeling which frequent arises
Gathered in clouds among starless nights
When fast silence stills small contrivance.
Dispensing in petty collections
From pedestals crafted upon air
In words without meaning, connection.
Wounds opened with pleasure, to fester.
Summon demons to render surprises
Sacred teachings encoding design
Hewn stone inner form protected layer
Elegant escape into flights
Seeking peace on the path to completion


Day 4: Dizain

                                        – Simulflow

On observing the drama as it starts,

Amid the bickering of timid minds

Above bellowing of the petty hearts

Attention slowly begins to unwind

Hearing turns slowly to the voice inside

Images phase into cerebral flow

Whispers, unsettled, just come in & go

Onward, returning to poisonous lips

Never to lean on, always just for show

Their essence hollow, not worthy or quip

Western Promises

Thought you were wild,

The way that you smiled.

With gleaming eyes staring,

As if preparing,

For life in the west;

A bold vision quest.

Seeking out life,

Out of the hype.

A city made of gold

But only for those bold

Enough to see past fake,

Through hazy eyes awake.

Into streaming dreams

Bursting at the seams.

With infinite wishes,

Immeasurable wishes,

Paid for with kisses

So sad that you’ll miss it