Day 11: Kyrielle Sonnet

Moving through space darkest ocean

Orbs ever cast into motion

Elegant descriptions of dawn,

Oscillations of time and spin,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind.

Summarising brief existence

Combining in spirit, twinned

Ripples of thought over distance,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind

Acts expressed in pure devotion

Absolving from souls, fear & sin

Loving kindness, true emotion

Triumphantly spoken in song,

Dancing in the wild cosmic wind


Day 12: Lunar Eclipse

The beauty that drifts up on high.

That wandering eye in the sky.

Proportioned perfection of heaven

A prisoner of gravity’s chain.

Orbiting paths seldom same

Lover of all things insane

Shining maiden of the tides.

Tonight you go blind,

In the shadow of our darkened sky.

Blood upon your face

Screaming through space

In slow motion as clouds drift on by.

Day 2: Beauty

                  Of all the qualities we seek in life                  

Beauty appears as the most hidden.

Often it comes to us unbidden,

A momentary glimpse inside

Expressions of another mind.

Or it appears in the clear

Motions of birds in the sky,

A blossom on morning in July.

Taking shapes only the beholder

Can explain. It’s not all the same

As far as definitions go.

What makes her smile will bring him low

What fills him with joy, may make them go gray.

All but for beauty to be explained,

In each way that we seek it each day.

A World Past 3D

What I see in my dreams

Not quite all as it seems

What I feel could be real 

Not just idle appeal.

If it happened this second

Clock standing still, you’re my thrill.

In quiet hours I see, a world past 3d. 

When loudness abounds, I look for your sounds.

Seen through the glass, seeing things pass, 

In fields filled with grass, together we last

Forgetting the past. 

Hidden within, it makes my mind spin

Places I’ve been while you’re next to him,

I see to our fame, when resistance is slain. 

The spaces we’ve claimed, but not yet attained,

Then honey we’re made, past beetles & blades

Our life in the glade,

Where hours are ours, laying in grass, 

Watching the flowers & seasons pass. 


A few short lines, each a part of a much larger picture, that bring to mind the joys of living in love with ourselves, each other and our surroundings


These moments

Fleeting in their passage

Live on inside our mind.

The days have gone

Into the past


Leaving but a trace

Of time and space,

The image of her face

The smile we shared

As dreams spilled into the breeze.

Mindless of the sun bearing down

Oppressive heat upon our backs,

We gallop across the ground

Seeing only the light of each others eyes

In stolen glances and hidden romances.

The mirrors of our souls. 

Into water deep and cold we leap

To feel the air below our feet.

As the clock stops turning

Only desire now burning

Face to face in that embrace.




Untitled Ode

In the land of dreams it seems

While we drift into the light,

Folded into gaps of night,

I see my queen between the seams.

The stars below the sky above,

Mind wide open, eyes wide shut,

Blind by hope but what the fuck

What we’ve got goes up and up.

That’s it so quick into my mind

These songs I sing you’re like a glove,

So fit, so fine, such beauty, divine,

Your lips, your quips, your way so kind

The way that smile seems to shine,

Lights up this cold heart of mine