& The Rain Falls Gently

Words written by a butterfly, beauty in simplicity.

“I sit before flowers

hoping they will train me in the art

of opening up.

I stand upon mountaintops believing

that avalanches will teach me

to let go.

I know


But I am here to learn.”

You’re only a poet if you show it

Mixing words with your verbs

Twisted all up with herbs.

Smiling high on them feet.

Eating cheese on the street

Spreading love through the beat

Of a sound so profound

Of abundance, be proud.

I look inward, not knowing

what I will find.

Waiting for something to emerge

that I may stand behind.

We need no shelter from the storm,

only a vessel that can traverse the form.


Flutter by, butterfly,

Teach me how to dream.

The things you’ve seen,

The trips you’ve been,

Upon your little wings.

What was it like on the ground,

Before your life went upside down?

Hung up from the leaves of trees

Til the day you emerged, free.

How much further can you go

Now that motion’s not so slow?

How much of the view has changed,

Now that structure’s rearranged?

Oh butterfly, as you flutter by,

So high up in the sky,

You’re on my mind

So please be kind,

As I learn to fly


Haiku Tues pt.2

butterfly dancing

swaying gently in a breeze

whispers in his ear.

deep inside those eyes

emotion stands out clearly

seen for the first time

confused about life

unsure of where to go next

seek stillness within

wrapped in this moment

moving through 4 dimensions

hearts beating as one

sunlight streaming bright

through thinly shaded windows

day begins anew

approaching the core

rapture only dreamed of, in

that joyous embrace