An Evening Across Galaxies

Inspired by a convivial weekend affair, this set hopes to capture an evening of art, dance and love.


rippling echoes

painted across seas of bass

stretched upon taught strings

imps of mischief

scattered  among mystic wood

providing delight

flirty birds and bobs

in bountiful gathering

sensuous evening

quantumly accrued

linked by momentary bridges

once separated

though unaffected

intoxicating presence

leaves minds turned sideways

ocean of beauty

attractively attired

shaking down dancefloors

early morning hours

passing in easy moments

wrapped up in a dream


Night Deepens, Into Dawn

night rolls on slowly
wondering at this darkness
reflecting within

flower upon sound
caught in sensual swirling
eyes open revealed
devouring night
serpents of flame lick wildly
across the damp chill

joy upon faces
gathered in merriment
freely existing

muscles clenched tightly
yet fluid in motion
as heart dances free

harmony pervades when
our hearts sing their tune

Midnight Madness

A shimmer in her eye & the glitter in her smile,

The way her wiggle waves & goes a a thousand miles an hour.

Dancing in this place, a cafe from outer space

Pounding bleeping bass melting into her face,

Yet in her eyes I see nothing but pure grace.

Bouncing off the heat cascading off her feet.

Arms all floating, swim like ocean.

Lost in deep blue seas filled with bright gold light,

Moments last for hours when we hold each others’ sight

Afternoon delight blossoms out of night,

Feels so right a maybe or a might.  



Haiku Tuesday guest edition

I’ll open this one up, then follow with a pair each from my friends; Gypsy, Butterfly and Blitzo. 

greatness awaits those who

stopping with open eyes

wade into the unknown

below night’s blanket

she dances under the moon

in sunny starlight

whatever you do

make sure it makes you happy

following the dream 

training in the art     

of opening up, i sit

before white flowers

i love people who

love music as much as i

do, in love with you

great things await you

if you would only see them

go out now brother

days fade into dreams

new worlds yet to be charted

compass please guide me