Day 13: Mathnawi

A dream to remember upon waking

Images fading fast in their making

Now sudden chills that leave my soul shaking

Standing in open fields of rolling grass

Before the door, a house of clearest glass

Enclosing there all the ghosts of my past

Displaying terrors, unrested errors

All the bad news, of which I was bearer.

Skeletons chipping good deeds made rarer

By covered up lights made dim in despair

Not seeking to solve, solutions by layer.

Smothered up fights festering in this lair.

Faced by beasts in such terrible manner

I looked away but then scanned her.

The face that I love, across the manor

In the dark presence, once full hearts drooped down

Away did I run, to her side swooped ’round

My arms, to cover those eyes lest they drown.

To my surprise, she showed concern not fear

Calming me down, speaking close to my ear

Thus did she whisper, “Have no worry my dear,

Lingering demons do harm yes but now

is our time to care. let us not follow

the past, it only will make you hollow”

Words spoken gently she rested her head

Upon my shoulder and away went dread.

Next sensation, alone, shaking, in bed.


Dreams Under Heaven

isolated love

decaying outside presence

of her gentle touch

words losing meaning

forgetting reality

awakened in dreams

in digital realms

awed by magnificent scenes

of inner vastness

united in mind

fully embracing oneness

ego loses sway

sensing betrayal

withholding blossoming love

two hearts are shattered

beyond the cold veil

of living inside, knowledge

passed closed lips

now freed of despair

flying under her wild glare

through mountains of snow

Idle Dreams of Moon

echoing of love

souls combining to create

expressions of art

each stroke depening

dimensions over the page

electric dreamscapes

darkness stretches out

into a bright horizon

lit by her soft grace

envisioning sky

above distant horizons

soothing longing heart

thundering towards dawn

obstacles overcome

freely flying on

sweet the memories

as aroma in her hair

filling my being

bodies intertwined

heart quickens, catching my breath

imagining you

Inner Environs

Our minds elevated, we waited,

past the seas of old confusion

through the season, evolution.

Shouting out our name,

in victory proclaimed.

The spirit warrior within us,

the beauty hidden beneath us.

Where rivers flow with gold,

where dreams finally unfold.

A kingdom of release

past fear, past doubt,

in peace.

Cathedrals of glass

interstellar mass

drifting in aether,


beneath her.

Bundled in clouds,

swaddled & proud.

The loving, a ground,

floored with wisdom of jewels,

in sacred realms.


Western Promises

Thought you were wild,

The way that you smiled.

With gleaming eyes staring,

As if preparing,

For life in the west;

A bold vision quest.

Seeking out life,

Out of the hype.

A city made of gold

But only for those bold

Enough to see past fake,

Through hazy eyes awake.

Into streaming dreams

Bursting at the seams.

With infinite wishes,

Immeasurable wishes,

Paid for with kisses

So sad that you’ll miss it

Another Ladder

Another collaborative effort from the square roundtable of the Fantastic 4:

…And so they waited

For life to be illustrated.

Tell me what is so amazing

In that place we see.

Dreams together so sweetly

Way out past the clouds.

Flowing together our bodies,

Like milky butter cream

Dancing on prismatic feathers

Into the sky, oh my.

So happy we could die, 

As fears just glide on by.


    and another short interlude inspired by the magic that is an ipod on shuffle:

Music is my medication,

Melody my bowl,

Harmonically unfolding 

Into brave new worlds. 

Dancing with desire, 

Dreaming souls conspire,

To live life in its fullest

To be true to those closest.

Escaping from the fears

Removing painful tears.

The past is always present,

Even if we resent it. 

So go on all you lovers,

Lay safe beneath your covers.

Spend your days in peace,

Live free and be released. 


Haiku Tuesday [oh no he didnt]

and now for something completely different… a foul mouthed round of 17:

i said eat it bitch

awaiting the slap to come

‘cross my dirty mouth

and back to the regular schedule;

fading into night

embraced by silent beauty

laying by my side

spatter pop fizzle

drizzle crack griddle flip flop

oh joys of breakfast

rolling tossing turned

around the world in a night

flight across the bed

eyes belie the smile

hidden behind her shoulder

candlelight flickers

smiles bursting in ink


excited to be