Day 5: elemental

Ancient alchemy in a digital age,
Seeking solution let’s turn the page
Quests fueled by inner fire driven high on soul desire,
Seek a level of rare air, pure victory so fair
Washing layers of illusion off  earth that binds
Protecting truth from evil banter
Leaving emotion & thoughts unkind
Seen the green come off the vine
To be inspired just release the mind.


Sonnet 123

If you want me then inspire please.

Show me your flame, in unique fashion,

Make your life art, be an assassin,

Be as the wind that flows through the trees,

Give me intention, what sets you free?

Striving ahead to live in passion,

When the world stops, when it’s all crashing,

How deep runs the well, flowing from the sea?

Depressed when I can’t find the rhyme,

Liberating expressions of mind.

A galaxy set out on pages,

With building blocks given by sages.

Projection of sequences prime,

Each stroke bringing closer the divine.

Coconut Ode

Upon the shores of eternity

Waving in the ocean breeze

Where the land and water squeeze

Into an elemental trinity

Cycling through infinity

Suns energy flows in the trees

Cascading over bough & leaves.

Oh so mighty in its stance,

Coconuts hanging from the branch

Fragrant wood smells of romance

Island fare that falls to ground

Relieving pain & also cramps

Filled with water much enhanced