Soul Sonnet

Hidden deep within each of us
A part which ought to be so pure,
Magical, spellbinding allure.
Cosmic in view, given on trust,
Experience driven, it must
Be the light which called on leads sure
Along the path, that we endure.
Outside of time, sacred stardust,
Freed from the sin, weighing young hearts.
Chased by evil ones without care,
Who relish in stopping new starts.
Abused til it can only stare,
Bottled, throttled, not safe in smarts.
Oh when will it truly be free?


Thursday Throwdown

A departure from the normal rhyme and meter today. Me and my boy, rap battling over text, to dispel the current distance between us. Enjoy.

I ain’t no playa hata, but I’ll annihilate ya

Come & disgrace my face & I’ll blast ya

Into outer space, HA.

I’m trippin off them shapes

That weird collegiate trace…

Marks & dots on paper,

you know that shit aint gonna fade ya.

Blast off, up up and away

thought it was tomorrow but it happened today

rare breeds like dope weeds

burn trees, enjoying sea breeze…

so get in, bitch

it’s gettin me higher, with visions for miles

dem mikes, dem points, dem dubs

c’mon lady in my tub.

we makin love in scrubs in bubs

poppin that shit like suds in clubs.

I know them girls from the east, they heard I was the beast…

because I know my roll, I’m makin TrillaFlow

I’m buildin with my brothas,

they spoutin Sally Struthers

Learning how to achieve,

our dreams, make em real.

But how I really feel, oh baby that appeal

is those girls on my shit,

yeah i went there, so sick.

Talkin about that loud, I’m sittin on them clouds

But they don’t know my reach

Hear me cry out for peace. 

Too many restless souls, their dreams on hold,

these words may not seem bold,

but dam this world is oh so cold.

We gotta break the mold,

show how it’s s’posed to go.

When we all livin large, 

each man a king in charge. 

Evil Observation

Prisoner in your own house

Controlled by the all seeing eye

Rolling ’round like swine in sty

Picking scraps up as a mouse

Straining at lights from the sky

Feeling pain of life going by.

Everywhere fire with water to douse.

Seeking to find the power

Working to free the mind

Charging up on hidden power

Preparing for heavens release

To get the rewards in kind

To be free to sit and watch flowers.