Hidden Within Haiku

measuring our wealth

in other than expression

ill boding indeed

ink refuses flow

with lack of inspiration

staring blankly back

seeing true colour

outside her once warm embrace

oxytocin fails

compressed emotion

denial of hearts whimper

path of pure genuis

crystalline structure

retreating under sun’s glare

clear window revealed

cold penetrates not

the body, realising

inherent sameness

binding thought to word

path of manifestation

driven by intent


Sonnet 1017

Now living in these visions of the past,

Rooted to our circular time future.

As the smith blends metals into pewter,

Man bonds break, others form to last.

Melding differing views from eyes in contrast

Old wounds never healed, now set in sutures,

Compressing files of an old computer,

Forging forward at speeds quite beyond fast.

Collectively defying illusion,

Joined together, seeking human fusion.

diving within to seek answers we find

Forged by the limitations of our own mind.

Unblinded by reason, revealing truth.

The hidden godseeds within us, divine.


Starting with my favourite mantra, let’s see where it takes us today…

Stop, breathe, believe

What’s in your mind to achieve

Mostly just needs belief.

When the chaos surrounds

and the worlds’s upside down

Just imagine the place

Of pure centered space.

Focused, the mind sees

Past untruths and falsities.

In tune with that grace,

I find on her face.

Causality becomes casualty

Infinite loops spinning by.

When time’s not a line,

Our memories entwine

Sensing light from afar

As we glide way past Mars.