Whithering Fair

Whithering in her stare

Though it isn’t even there

Whether in her gaze or far

My brain turns loose, unjarred

Caught within her grace

My heart in outer space

Beyond feelings unexplained

In glances made in vain

This yearning hollow bowl

With her to fill my soul



Set on Staring

What is it when we look into the eyes of another that captivates us so? Where do we go when we stare into the abyss of someone else? A pair here on this thought:

Venus rises, sure surprises.

As autumn leaves turn in the trees.

Moon shining bright in pure delight,

As Saturn stares, relieving the cares.

Waves lap at knees, incensed by the breeze,

Weakening my knees as her eyes say please.

Cool ocean air blows through her hair.

Then sun fades down low,

And lips gently begin to flow.


Sunrays filtered

     through his eyes.

As his mind strives

     for the prize.

Into the depths

     of untold lies.

Beyond the shadows

     of this guise.

Past the sound

     of fear, he cries.

As energy poured

     into his mind



Lost & Found

An older set, found in a lost notebook in a found hiding place. Funny how we find the things we’ve misplaced just when we need them.

I feel as though

I’ve always loved you.

Although I hardly even know you.

Was it the sparkle in your smile,

Was it the twinkle in your eye,

That drew me to you?

I can habour no lies.

Will I ever see you,

Through these loving eyes

Of mine

Will you accept me,

In those twinkling eyes

Of yours

I love to hold you in my arms,

When you touch me it sets off alarms.

You wriggle at my touch

So pleasing that, so much

When I look into your eyes,

There is no fear or lies.

That quality of your heart

Attracted me from the start

So come take my hand,

We’ll go to a land

Where the only thing to do

Is sit, and talk to you

Fun at Work.

All I hear is glasses clinking

As my mind blurs ’round I’m thinking

Why the hell am I not drinking?

Head whips to the side

As I step and glide

Dodging plates filled with glass

To that smile, so sass

Catching eyes as we pass

True unspoken romance.

A flash and she’s gone

So I hop along… Still smiling,

with that step, oh so stylin.

Whispers upon my back

When tensions high, no slack

Gets us both back on track,

Saves me a heart attack.

But its more than a game,

We’re there for the same,

reason, which is pleasin.

…. and its just the first season.