Day 13: Mathnawi

A dream to remember upon waking

Images fading fast in their making

Now sudden chills that leave my soul shaking

Standing in open fields of rolling grass

Before the door, a house of clearest glass

Enclosing there all the ghosts of my past

Displaying terrors, unrested errors

All the bad news, of which I was bearer.

Skeletons chipping good deeds made rarer

By covered up lights made dim in despair

Not seeking to solve, solutions by layer.

Smothered up fights festering in this lair.

Faced by beasts in such terrible manner

I looked away but then scanned her.

The face that I love, across the manor

In the dark presence, once full hearts drooped down

Away did I run, to her side swooped ’round

My arms, to cover those eyes lest they drown.

To my surprise, she showed concern not fear

Calming me down, speaking close to my ear

Thus did she whisper, “Have no worry my dear,

Lingering demons do harm yes but now

is our time to care. let us not follow

the past, it only will make you hollow”

Words spoken gently she rested her head

Upon my shoulder and away went dread.

Next sensation, alone, shaking, in bed.



An energetic presence,

an immaterial stare,

a knowing aberration

beside a strung out lair.

Invigorating dogma

spread by willing ears.

Commiserating fauna

drunk on holy fears,

potentiating power

raised across the land.

With overwhelming showers

brought down on wretched human

beings striving to live

within a tangled grid

seeking a new meaning of

their dreams or what they’ve become.


What Is

What does it mean to be the wind?

What’s hidden from all within skin?

As shadows blow, my mind enfolds, 

Seeking what’s real from pure feel


What is a thought that’s unseen?

Does it exist outside dreams?

Unless brought to reality, 

It’s just mental fatality.


What is a man but a ghost?

Brought to life, by names in a toast

As he passes though life,

Seeking love after strife.


What is a life without fear?

When love is the thing shining clear.

Savoring every pleasure,

Enjoying life’s treasure.

Haiku Tuesday

unexpected rain

interrupted afternoon

a canvas in vain

seasons come and gone

knowing was hers all along

the journey was mine

pale froth arising

cascading into darkness

joyful pint of beer

silent, dream unfolds

revealing my untold woes

life worth living, bold

spiraling inward

one comes to a certain place

freed of outside fears