Night Deepens, Into Dawn

night rolls on slowly
wondering at this darkness
reflecting within

flower upon sound
caught in sensual swirling
eyes open revealed
devouring night
serpents of flame lick wildly
across the damp chill

joy upon faces
gathered in merriment
freely existing

muscles clenched tightly
yet fluid in motion
as heart dances free

harmony pervades when
our hearts sing their tune


Haiku Tuesday [The Saga Begins]


time swirling in slow motion

seen gazing skyward

a hazy night sky

glimpses of pearly whiteness

glowing in deep red

echoes of laughter

experiencing each breath

bonded together

from cold solitude

blossoming brotherhood of

ancient ninja souls

following the way

leading to higher purpose

strokes under midnight

words among firelight

ignite embers in the mind

seeding new ideas

paradise occurs

stepping forth boldly outside


Of Fire

Flames flicker like reptilian

Tongues, the dark coal

Breathes, consuming carbon 

Vapors. Cackling as the breeze

Gives voice to the embers of

Prometheus, great ally to man,

Betrayer of the gods.

Hot breath rushes from

The barrel in waves,

Cascading over the

Hands dropping fuel

Into this beautiful barrel

Of fire.   

Haiku Tuesday Anger Edition

So our contributor Amesterdamster is having a bad day. Therefore we are channeling the darkness inside, mindful that it is this aspect of us all which drives us to seek the light ever more strongly. We open with her words today:

too many questions

I hate your stupid face

leave my head alone

popping a neck vein

enraged by silly actions

made by foolish folk

wasting precious time

waiting for answers where there

are none to be found

denying the past

seems the wiser choice when we

embrace the future

words said in anger

do not always burn bridges

rather, they mend hearts

fire of my soul

burns all the brighter today

fueled by your loving

days spent in dark rooms

regretful of past action

deny the future

A one sided love affair

Or something like that. I seem to remember a whirlwind romance that occurred one summer. A brief flurry of trysts, complete with twists of all manner, many of which didn’t unfurl til much later. She may have faded away, but the banner we raised together still shines. What follows is a poetic journal of sorts, spurts of inspired words from our encounters, dug from the depths of twitter. 

I hear you chirpin little birds, I wonder ’bout your little words.
Somtimes so sweet it puts me to sleep,
Else you’re just blaring telling me wake up, start caring.

Barley wine taste so fine girl come here & please be mine,
Spendin time on rage&crime. Been so spun I lost my mind,
Got shit done & I’m feelin fine

Every time I leave my fire, it starts to get a little quieter.
Thinkin ’bout them silky lips, way hips wiggle when you walk like this.
That which I’m truly fighting for, in your kiss

Can we get much higher, watch me set the world, on fire
Flip over your life that’s, my desire.
Take us to a place where love rules & hate is for cowards

Every time I leave my fire, suddenly I’m not as light
Fingers burn my stomach churns. Fiending for my soul desire.
The tricks will I miss til next our scents mix

If I knew another way maybe things wouldnt be so crazy.
Its we plus me c’mon child please be free.
Fuck the haters, true negators,
Live the dream & make me beam

Every time it gets so cold, without you near me, here to hold.
Suddenly I’m not so bold, I feel the mold, I lose control.
Its through your fire, my desire, what gets me higher.

She’s my motivation, constant interchangin,
She makes me flip my lid, can’t hold my concentration.
Then when we hit the bed, its nonstop perspiration

Every time my fire leaves, in search of dreams I sigh in peace.
In Rest/We Quest she’s bloody the best.
Hope if I’m rhyming clever we may be together into forever

Every time fire comes around, you know shes here to get on down.
Ragin solo ‘casue she don’t know, party’s where we get in our flow
Pranking, planking, merrymaking.

Every time my fires hurtin the world starts feelin so uncertain
Shadows turning dangers lurkin, got to get my fingers workin.
But under all that woe I know we’re smirkin

Even though my fires so low & I’m workin all on my own
We feel the mood & light that groove. Just to look & you’d approve.
But how long can bliss last when fires burning up so fast