Above the Clouds

not fearing coldness

for even if there is snow

the sun sometimes shines

questions fueling dark

colossal space nebulae

quickly approaching

bathed in unreal hues

bountiful hearts echo

embracing sunshine

souls reaping harvest

of ill living energy

sustaining their growth

removing all doubt

pure sensory awareness

gliding through motions

completing actions

embracing simplicity 

path to life’s freedom

designing the signs

meant for awakening eyes

transmitting new bliss


Day 17: Quiet

The quality of silence

A solace for the sage

Realm of unseen images

In space between the moments

When pages slowly turn.

A place where many yearn

To speak within themselves.

Lost in endless shuffle

Surrounded by the hustle. 


Actions free of fear

Lips on fingers find

With quiet peace of mind

Thoughts come through so clear,

In quiet times I see her

As feeling hearts draw nearer

Day 3: Control

Living a life free from desire

So easily said but painfully done.

Of urges that bind one to the mire

Of chasing dreams cast upon screens

Casting their sickly glow over life.

Illusion at the helm of this vessel

Tossing over seas on this level

Reigning in that which we wish to prosper

While fighting to keep our intention pure.

Grounded within by discipline.

Only the strong remain steadfast.

Seeking to create new from the past.

An image in mind, blossoming kind,

Held by the spectre of invisible hands

Creating scarcity, incessant demands

Over time, space and thought.

While those wiser sit uncaught

Yet held by their own demons.

The bindings unsimilar but bear the same name.





Flowing on Emotion.

When it’s late I elevate,

in the ship, I’m flying quick

over trouble, over time.

I craft visions in my mind;

Mental maps, swift planned attacks,

the path we start, heat seeking heart.

Finding murmurs in the haze,

see the face, it’s unafraid.

In the future I’ll still lose her

But the time we shared

is golden,

like flower fields unfolding.

Place the petals on the bed,

wreathed around that lovely head.

It’s just hard to say I care.

Taking shots and missing marks,

Turned around but still saw dark.

Led the water to the horse

but still they change the course.

So I’ll smile all the while,

master games they love to play

‘Cause I know I’ll make my day,

get away, a brand new scape.

Beaming from the clouds

Dreaming on new sounds.

I’m not found, merely unbound.

So you can’t lose me, know it truly.

Where Blows the Wind

winter wind whistles

blowing snow into grey boughs

swaying in the dark

undecided fate

offered by warring factions

calling her nightly

black moon setting

slowly guided by the sun

revealing night

often i wander

wondering among shadows

whither lay the mind

labyrinthine paths

set by demons eagerly

devouring peace

contemplating now

life unbound from destiny

jubilant seizure

loftily rising

aspirations of freedom

fed on sacrifice

Sunday Fading Fast

In a daze of idle ways,

passing days in singing praise.

Pure creation, thought formation,

Operation: live life art.

Once began, forever spanned,

universes arising from nil.

From on high ivory towers,

dropping bombs to release brains

full of light, may seem insane.

Released from hell, now ring that bell,

Players tried & hung for their crime,

creating games for profit.

But now they’ve seen, we’re past the screen,

learning how to fly.

The living dream, reality seen.

Eyes open, the futures regained.


Unfettered, rising into dawn together,

Outside time, upon lofty feathers.

Crossing paths across bright

Beams of sun off the horizon.

Ignorant of man, in his false command,

Hovering arcs with talons so sharp.

Beauty in motion, swooping apart.

Gathered together, after hitting mark.

Embracing their birth, feasting on earth,

Prouder still then, returning to hens.

Master of nests, flyer never rests. .