Another Ladder

Another collaborative effort from the square roundtable of the Fantastic 4:

…And so they waited

For life to be illustrated.

Tell me what is so amazing

In that place we see.

Dreams together so sweetly

Way out past the clouds.

Flowing together our bodies,

Like milky butter cream

Dancing on prismatic feathers

Into the sky, oh my.

So happy we could die, 

As fears just glide on by.


    and another short interlude inspired by the magic that is an ipod on shuffle:

Music is my medication,

Melody my bowl,

Harmonically unfolding 

Into brave new worlds. 

Dancing with desire, 

Dreaming souls conspire,

To live life in its fullest

To be true to those closest.

Escaping from the fears

Removing painful tears.

The past is always present,

Even if we resent it. 

So go on all you lovers,

Lay safe beneath your covers.

Spend your days in peace,

Live free and be released. 



Folded Together

Another poem made late into the hours of the night after a wonderful evening of dancing and revelry. A game we try to play, folded words on paper that come and go, into the flow.


Words that just won’t come together,

But then again, birds fly, on their feathers.

Like 8am clouds, grey as heather,

They carry on, no matter the weather.

Always looking forward, never dwelling

On the past. Past is the present,

Present is living.

Future is always a new adventure.

So, keep moving forward,

Never look back.

Let your heart stay light

As your mind takes flight.

Always keep a goal, in sight.

A positive mind is key.

So gather round and listen ye,

Travelers, lovers and animals.

A Sparkling

Feels good to be back in a rhythm posting daily again, I sincerely hope it has been as enjoyable for my readers as for me. The inspiration is running high these days and it seems the sparks are spreading. We open with a poem written by a dear friend, with whom I have had the privilege of experimenting many of life’s [mis]adventures with. It took many admonishments to finally get it out of him but here it is:


Most lavish thirst, long tried and true

A monument to skies of blue

So decadent a heart that sings

Such a treasure trove of warmth it brings

Illustrious, shimmering, blinding rays

A testament to better days

More so than not, we know not the cost

One knows not just what one lost

Come and gone, a stinging wrath

Ever onward, this gloomy path

A toll is paid, each names its price

Soaked in bitter, with blood like ice

The anguish slows from the pouring hearts

The clots form over the new parts

In all the chaos, infinite ions

Such carnal passion, the roar of lions

Issued forth deep from the Earth

Glistening dawn, a brand new birth

A sound will echo with each shut door

To turn around and love once more


and taking him up on the spark, I present the following:


A path we seek with kindness

Wrought from solid diamonds

Each step a choice we make

Each turn a path we take

Sometimes we follow maps

Even when laid with traps

Yet onward must we go

There always is a flow

To all the things we see

To who we choose to be

The sweetness and the bitter

A seasons grow and wither

Until we reach the mountains peak

To sit there and with others speak

About the lives we’ve lived

Whether we gave all there was to give

As we passed through time, like a sieve



Haiku Tuesday [Blue Moon Edition]

laughter in my ears

cascading off these stone walls

sunday afternoon

fire burning slow

fueling conversation with

a being from space

joyful abundance

sharing experiences

among our loved ones

hidden in plain view

showing us a better way

the superheroes

journey not taken

nonetheless shared together

godspeed blessed ones

embracing daylight

breaking over ocean waves

serenity now

lasting images

her smiling face before mine

our last farewell