Of What We Lost

deeply staring eyes

infinitely expressing

what words fail to say

exposing the soul

to freely achieve that which

hides in ignorance

seeing my love now

how wise she was to leave then

our time not yet come

sensing her spirit

low, there arises a fire

cleansing away fear

laying under sun

emotion rising to clouds

drifting lazily

if seeing my view

would ever change your belief

now is a good time

now looking beyond

past our painful memories

future shines clearly


Sonnet 314

 Heavy the clouds that sit over high

Lifted the rain but sky remains gray

Bubbles of thought that come under sway.

Drifting then caught, repressed with a sigh.

Action unfurled, as questions ask why

Tomorrow’s promise flows from today.

Sequences, patterns, all comes that may,

Expressions, impressions, emotional cry.

Separated from nature within

As our planet still slowly does spin.

Not ignorant of her children’s woes,

Seeking to guide a path where light shows

Out of the darkness, into life’s flow.

Remembering, in lak’ech ala k’in.





Futurenow Flow

Methodology of mind,hidden in the rhyme.

When sounds are outside time and by quiet i abide;

the image isn’t strained,

the beauty isn’t strange.

Seeking answers tied to questions,

learn the lesson, we’re all blessed then.

Streams of knowledge move like dancers,

pure romance in heavens trance. Sure

guided by no path, just steps followed like prayer.

Alone unto one self, the vision comes in layers

peeling back a truth that’s hidden from the eyes

revealed the devils face, it comes as no surprise.

That wisdom is the goal, of knowledge unobtained.

Slurred by silver tongues, obscured, hidden in plain.

What once was thought as holy, now trademarked for insane.

The search seeking within, the view outside the frame;

where conscious runs among us, where life is free of pain,

unlimited in power, freed from greedy reign,

untroubled by tomorrow, living on a plane.

Crystallising concepts, fractalised in order

while moments freeze when breath is squeezed

from chaos living matter.

But for now that world is shattered

and the holy man is ragged.

Coming in degrees til we live among the trees

hope not lost just shedding frost.

There’s time to free the mind

but we mustn’t lose the line

connecting past to future, encircling the now.

One love we’ll live forver

but only if we’re clever,

An Unfolding

Destroy to create,

Forget about fate.

Beyond time lay infinity,

True destiny, so blessed see?

Harnessed power of numbers

Fractal expression come under

Palm of your hand,

World at your command.

Quantum leaps, easy feats,

Once you gain the belief.

Run through the illusion,

Realise inner fusion

Power sustains.

Expand open brains

Watch it pour just like rains

Open arms embraced pain,

Took all negativity,

Saw in it, possibility

The future space race

Galactic pace, grace


An energetic presence,

an immaterial stare,

a knowing aberration

beside a strung out lair.

Invigorating dogma

spread by willing ears.

Commiserating fauna

drunk on holy fears,

potentiating power

raised across the land.

With overwhelming showers

brought down on wretched human

beings striving to live

within a tangled grid

seeking a new meaning of

their dreams or what they’ve become.


Sonnet 1017

Now living in these visions of the past,

Rooted to our circular time future.

As the smith blends metals into pewter,

Man bonds break, others form to last.

Melding differing views from eyes in contrast

Old wounds never healed, now set in sutures,

Compressing files of an old computer,

Forging forward at speeds quite beyond fast.

Collectively defying illusion,

Joined together, seeking human fusion.

diving within to seek answers we find

Forged by the limitations of our own mind.

Unblinded by reason, revealing truth.

The hidden godseeds within us, divine.

Haiku Tuesday [The Saga Begins]


time swirling in slow motion

seen gazing skyward

a hazy night sky

glimpses of pearly whiteness

glowing in deep red

echoes of laughter

experiencing each breath

bonded together

from cold solitude

blossoming brotherhood of

ancient ninja souls

following the way

leading to higher purpose

strokes under midnight

words among firelight

ignite embers in the mind

seeding new ideas

paradise occurs

stepping forth boldly outside