Day 10: The Journey

Footfalls as questions

Destinations as answers

Pitfalls of chance, traps of desire

Attacks upon fires we tend.

Lessons we learn in the way.

A path all must tread

It goes on without end.

Seldom we know where it leads

Solutions to be found in just being.

Drifting among all the levels

Embracing the core of ourselves.

For surely as we fit into roles,

Square pegs will be found in round holes.

Relationships ebb and flow

Surely as water does go

Casualties in love, reflections of heart

Life’s intricate dance

The story of romance.

So be in love with the world,

Ride with banner unfurled.

And always remember the roses.



The Eye That Sees Most, Speaks Least

seated on mountains

where wildly they did play

only ghosts remain

unearthed by moments

lost in time’s rushing current,

sharpened edges fade

standing silently

witnessing the light within

breath catches in awe

dimensions sliding

collapsing into realness

of observation

shifting perspective

infinite in mirror flow

along streaming life

staring into voids

opened in mind’s eye

is blindness overcome

elusive as life,

poetic satisfaction

attained in pure words

Midnight Madness

A shimmer in her eye & the glitter in her smile,

The way her wiggle waves & goes a a thousand miles an hour.

Dancing in this place, a cafe from outer space

Pounding bleeping bass melting into her face,

Yet in her eyes I see nothing but pure grace.

Bouncing off the heat cascading off her feet.

Arms all floating, swim like ocean.

Lost in deep blue seas filled with bright gold light,

Moments last for hours when we hold each others’ sight

Afternoon delight blossoms out of night,

Feels so right a maybe or a might.