Long the travels made in the night

Long the farewells in early light

Long the silence in hours cost

Before these dreams were made to fight

Lines made deep, then shallow, then crossed

Progress taken for gain, some lost

Along the path, where tears were shed

In soothing fires, fueled on exhaust

Now passion reigns within the head

Desire quelled, the heart like lead

Begins to shift, indeed, unfold

Gaining nourishment on love fed

To blossom revealing pure gold

To become the stories untold

Clearing away darkness to shine

Embracing the way to be bold


Above the Clouds

not fearing coldness

for even if there is snow

the sun sometimes shines

questions fueling dark

colossal space nebulae

quickly approaching

bathed in unreal hues

bountiful hearts echo

embracing sunshine

souls reaping harvest

of ill living energy

sustaining their growth

removing all doubt

pure sensory awareness

gliding through motions

completing actions

embracing simplicity 

path to life’s freedom

designing the signs

meant for awakening eyes

transmitting new bliss

Day 9: Imagination

Seeking the something unmade,

Revealing the thoughts on the page,

A vision without any end

Making the colours all blend

Worlds that would not otherwise be.

Covering myriads of media to see

Strokes of emotions in bold

Or otherwise some quite untold.

A spark of the divine,

The image in the mind,

Captured for all to behold.

Translations of pure human soul.