Day 13: My Muse

I seem to have fallen a day behind but that’s what sundays are for. Or perhaps another post this evening. So we press on.

The source of inspiration

A sound like hearts beating.

Ephemeral and fleeting

She comes to my ear,

Whispering the words

Long strings of verbs

Translations of subconscious thought.

Together we’ve fought

Through times of doubt

As pages scream out in vain.

She comes in my dreams

To mend all the seams

Weaving ideas into matter.

I’ll never know why she does

I’ll assume it’s plain love

Piped in from above

To keep me growing

Hoping by showing


We’ll be free to live

As is pleasing.


Glowing Beneath Darkness

embers slowly burn

as gazing into the flames

i recall her love

images of past

forgotten moments unearthed

inspire future

cosmic energy

expressing divinity

through shadows of night

dazzling brightness

broken by ghostly outlines

caught in gentle wind

discovering truth

our minds awaken, turning

darkness into light

it’s all happening

reactions flowing after

releasing the mind

spirit flows freely

through whispering stardust

embodying life


Day 9: Imagination

Seeking the something unmade,

Revealing the thoughts on the page,

A vision without any end

Making the colours all blend

Worlds that would not otherwise be.

Covering myriads of media to see

Strokes of emotions in bold

Or otherwise some quite untold.

A spark of the divine,

The image in the mind,

Captured for all to behold.

Translations of pure human soul.

Day 7: Greatness

In the games we play called life

It rarely as easy as left or right,

Up or down as we dance around.

Seeking always the separation.

Fat floats as cream rises

So it comes as no surprise then,
Working the muscles making us swim,

We strive to be more, we aim for the win,

That extra something hidden within,

So hard to be seen, reaching obscene.

But when unearthed it shines, oh it gleams.

One extra percent, one time up after down,

The little bit more, that turns smiles to frowns.

Day 5: elemental

Ancient alchemy in a digital age,
Seeking solution let’s turn the page
Quests fueled by inner fire driven high on soul desire,
Seek a level of rare air, pure victory so fair
Washing layers of illusion off  earth that binds
Protecting truth from evil banter
Leaving emotion & thoughts unkind
Seen the green come off the vine
To be inspired just release the mind.

Haiku Tuesday [The Saga Begins]


time swirling in slow motion

seen gazing skyward

a hazy night sky

glimpses of pearly whiteness

glowing in deep red

echoes of laughter

experiencing each breath

bonded together

from cold solitude

blossoming brotherhood of

ancient ninja souls

following the way

leading to higher purpose

strokes under midnight

words among firelight

ignite embers in the mind

seeding new ideas

paradise occurs

stepping forth boldly outside