Blinded in Illusion

idols created

out of oppressing spirit

that all remain blind


over false idols serving

oppressors of mind

dead yet filled with life

gathering insects hover

above seas of death

powerful action

taken to remedy loss

encourages good

against evil conflict

peace overcomes only when

united in love

fueled by ambition

legendary runaways

lost depravity

choosing proper course

remains difficult among

evil influence


Meaning of the Void

masked by wording

drawn over reality,

illusions prevail

influencing bliss

counterintuitive hits

cast doubt on feeling

in memoriam

extrapolating blueprints

defining life’s plan

beyond the knowing

in blindness of faith’s bosom

awakening truth

spreading myths of man

imprisoning hidden truth

as one, we are gods

inner existence

circles propagating squares

expanded outward

delivered from reality

by mind’s infinite vision

the soul wanders free

Sonnet 314

 Heavy the clouds that sit over high

Lifted the rain but sky remains gray

Bubbles of thought that come under sway.

Drifting then caught, repressed with a sigh.

Action unfurled, as questions ask why

Tomorrow’s promise flows from today.

Sequences, patterns, all comes that may,

Expressions, impressions, emotional cry.

Separated from nature within

As our planet still slowly does spin.

Not ignorant of her children’s woes,

Seeking to guide a path where light shows

Out of the darkness, into life’s flow.

Remembering, in lak’ech ala k’in.





From the Depths of Hell

inviting darkness

now etched into willing minds

seeking only peace

treachery her play

in the name of loving what

could not be attained

staring through the lies

receding from truth to light

backward attraction

unlikely hero

broken forth from the abyss

seeking only life

gorged on suffering

their dark manifestation

promises nothing

broken reflections

scattered across the cosmos

as I stand alone

rivers cascading

over open fields of green

into opal mountains

Mirror Sonnet

In warmth of morning feeling colder,

Wondering what became of the sass,

Youthful vigour, and downright panache.

Weighed by life, compressed upon shoulder.

The face before me growing older.

Staring now blankly into the glass

Yet within, spirit fire doth smolder.

Inner fusion designed to outlast.

Shared creativity as the goal

Projected expansion, know the role.

Shadow retreating, yet there’s still fight

Only darkness can reveal the light

Breaking through dawn, striving toward night

If not together how shall we know?

As Layers Jettison

As the cold sets in, he retreats, seeking insulation from the bitter chill which dives deep within. This stoking of the inner flame, projects out, calling her name:


As the layers flake away

As black and white just rolls to gray 

The light shines through 

Essence there, seen true.

Past the pulsing in our eyes,

After the wildness goes inside,

Feeling rhythm getting smoother 

In silence we commune, pure.

Distant from the illusion

Combining inner fusion.

Paths laid but not directed,

Expecting unexpected.

Tying knots while lost in thoughts,

Set along to beating hearts,

Pressing close to feel relief,

Breathing shallow now, then deep.  

In restless arms, no sleep,

From bodies there, we leap.

Cascading across my eyes

Sizzling and radiant lines

Composed to show form 

Of love, of smiles, of night.

Vibrationally adjusted,

Avoiding fractal clusters,

Skipping through the beat

Freed by airy feet,

Together with hands in emotion,

Explosion, bringing forth ocean.

Sliding down waves, 

Getting high, off bass. 


Our Place

Our place in the sun, never-ending fun,

Once the work has been done, its time to .

Things that we’ve won, games just begun.

The prize is a piece, smothered in grease,

That came from above, covered in love,

I’ll walk with you now, no lazy ass cow, 

Don’t ever dare frown, we’re happy as clowns.

Forever unwound, freed dogs from the pound.

As earth spins around, my feet hit the ground.

i’m moving at pace, covering space,

Never seen by the world, my banner unfurled.

We came seeking peace, we come for release. 

As time ticks on by, I dream of your thigh,

Covered in night, always in flight,

Not running away, I’m here to stay,

Not ever betrayed, or we’re lost in the maze. 

I know it seems crae, the stops in the way.

The road made for travel, lest we unravel.

I love you the most, that’s no idle boast.