Of What We Lost

deeply staring eyes

infinitely expressing

what words fail to say

exposing the soul

to freely achieve that which

hides in ignorance

seeing my love now

how wise she was to leave then

our time not yet come

sensing her spirit

low, there arises a fire

cleansing away fear

laying under sun

emotion rising to clouds

drifting lazily

if seeing my view

would ever change your belief

now is a good time

now looking beyond

past our painful memories

future shines clearly


Day 3: Deceit

Awake in the darkness of night

Thoughts become aware

Did you care?

Hidden behind smiling lips

A scheming mind filled up with tricks.

Cooking up dishes served cold

What made you feel so goddamned bold?

Inducing emotion just to smother

As you run to the arms of another.

Thinking that I’d be so blind,

Turning our love into crime,

Hunting me down from the start,

Playing the keys of my heart.

All the ways you amazed

To leave me just dazed

Like a mouse in the grasp of a cat.

But plainly what you failed to see

Was that I’ll always be free.

The gift I’ve been given is wisdom

Knowing that playing I’ll win some

And lose others, as I hover,

Free as a bird in the sky.







Sits a Queen

A lucid dream would seem obscene
  Unless you lived inside it.
The churning scene where colours bleed
  But only just a wee bit
The queen who weeps beside a throne
  Where previously sat her love
The price she paid to be alone,
  Emotion denied. More of
Illusion, feeling false within
  Hiding a heart in the dark.
Repeating past so she would win
  Wondering was he worth the mark?