A Trip to the Teahouse

& a bonus set of haiku highlighting the evening


within temple life

dormant energy lay deep

holding sacred space

scattered energy

coalescing unison

attracting lightness


dancing among stars

seeded into fertile earth

upon cosmic breath

ascending dragon

riding crests of cosmic waves

galactic sunrise

striking outward through

materialistic haze

seeking inner truth

action following

seasonal processions

becoming one self



Haiku Tuesday Under Heavy Clouds

a distant roaring

ebbing daily as the moon

nightly sheds her light

gliding through midair

momentarily stopping

consuming essence

words catalyzing

outer manifestation

of wishes divine

breaching the mirror

displays only reflections

of past silhouettes

thundering ego

seeks satisfaction

repressing lightness

lightspeed warmth flowing

coronal mass ejection

through distant vacuum

winds blowing stronger

across darkening night skies

inner storms howling

… and so I go, On

All the days trapped in a haze,

Bobbin’, weavin’, lost in space.

Tracking features of the maze

Stopping only, just to blaze.

Reflecting through the mirror

Idly perfecting, vision clearer.

Won’t stop searching til I see her,

Can’t stop hurting til she’s nearer.

So I’ll keep on jumpin’ bars,

‘Cause it’s out there, somewhere far,

Beyond the asteroids, planet Mars,

Know I’ll find it, in the stars.

The place of peace, not death release.

Filled with trees & falling leaves.

No need for words, just hear the breeze.

Beyond all care, we’ll lay

Caught in the stare, a lovers’ play;

Of nights so short, we seize the day,

Until it all just fades away.