Futurenow Flow

Methodology of mind,hidden in the rhyme.

When sounds are outside time and by quiet i abide;

the image isn’t strained,

the beauty isn’t strange.

Seeking answers tied to questions,

learn the lesson, we’re all blessed then.

Streams of knowledge move like dancers,

pure romance in heavens trance. Sure

guided by no path, just steps followed like prayer.

Alone unto one self, the vision comes in layers

peeling back a truth that’s hidden from the eyes

revealed the devils face, it comes as no surprise.

That wisdom is the goal, of knowledge unobtained.

Slurred by silver tongues, obscured, hidden in plain.

What once was thought as holy, now trademarked for insane.

The search seeking within, the view outside the frame;

where conscious runs among us, where life is free of pain,

unlimited in power, freed from greedy reign,

untroubled by tomorrow, living on a plane.

Crystallising concepts, fractalised in order

while moments freeze when breath is squeezed

from chaos living matter.

But for now that world is shattered

and the holy man is ragged.

Coming in degrees til we live among the trees

hope not lost just shedding frost.

There’s time to free the mind

but we mustn’t lose the line

connecting past to future, encircling the now.

One love we’ll live forver

but only if we’re clever,


Guest Post: Polly Princess Pretty Kitty

Today’s post comes to us from a member of the Fantastic 4, my sidekick on this wonderful Californian adventure. Her words are warm and embracing, you can literally feel the emotion as you read through.

In the Night

Happiness is waking up, in the middle of the night,

Without any reason.

Shifting around and feeling the warmth, of this body next to you.

Turning around and seeing them,

At their most peaceful, vulnerable state.

They breathe as though the weight of the world,

Lays upon only their arm.

Happiness is turning back around,

Feeling an involuntary grin,

Feeling an arm around your waist,

And knowing there is nothing in the world,

Better than this moment…


A few short lines, each a part of a much larger picture, that bring to mind the joys of living in love with ourselves, each other and our surroundings


These moments

Fleeting in their passage

Live on inside our mind.

The days have gone

Into the past


Leaving but a trace

Of time and space,

The image of her face

The smile we shared

As dreams spilled into the breeze.

Mindless of the sun bearing down

Oppressive heat upon our backs,

We gallop across the ground

Seeing only the light of each others eyes

In stolen glances and hidden romances.

The mirrors of our souls. 

Into water deep and cold we leap

To feel the air below our feet.

As the clock stops turning

Only desire now burning

Face to face in that embrace.