TItle Optional

Sitting sickly over dark horizons

Bathed in a malefic glow,

Hangs the moon in quarter face

Oblivious to the world below

She shines to spite a world, hollow

Filled with bitter thoughts,

On last remarks said in the dark

Does she realise all the pain

Drifting down on earthly plains?

While dancing with the stars

Being followed on by Mars

Does she feel the love shot out

Cannon fodder, the longing heart.


Day 12: Lunar Eclipse

The beauty that drifts up on high.

That wandering eye in the sky.

Proportioned perfection of heaven

A prisoner of gravity’s chain.

Orbiting paths seldom same

Lover of all things insane

Shining maiden of the tides.

Tonight you go blind,

In the shadow of our darkened sky.

Blood upon your face

Screaming through space

In slow motion as clouds drift on by.

Idle Dreams of Moon

echoing of love

souls combining to create

expressions of art

each stroke depening

dimensions over the page

electric dreamscapes

darkness stretches out

into a bright horizon

lit by her soft grace

envisioning sky

above distant horizons

soothing longing heart

thundering towards dawn

obstacles overcome

freely flying on

sweet the memories

as aroma in her hair

filling my being

bodies intertwined

heart quickens, catching my breath

imagining you

Moon Ode

I find the best inspiration comes from writing about those I care deeply for and this is certainly in that vein. Luckily, it also happens to coincide with the supermoon. And so I present an ode to the moon, in honour of one who makes me swoon, as we make out way across the galaxy.

You are the moon

Bright, shining and pure,

Continually changing in motion so sure.

Wandering beauty, wondering truly,

A reflection of love inspired by the sun.

Finding truth in your face,

Sends one into space.

Whirling so free as leaves in a breeze.

To purpose be bound,.

With feet on the ground,

Will your solace be found,

As the journey goes on.